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The Dominican Republic is a large island in the Caribbean – south of Florida and near to Cuba and Puerto Rico. Cabarete is on the North coast of the island, 20 minutes drive east from Puerto Plata (POP) International Airport.

From Europe there are many charter companies flying to the Dominican Republic. Fly to Puerto Plata airport (POP) and take a taxi 20 minutes to Cabarete. There are other airports in the Dominican Republic, like Santo Domingo (SDQ). If you arrive in Santo Domingo you take a taxi to the bus station then hop on Caribe Tours to Sousa, about 4.5 hours and 5$. From Sosua hop into taxi and 15 minutes later you are in the heart of Cabarete. You can also take a taxi, but is more expensive.

Once in Cabarete a car is not necessary. The common form of transportation is on the back of a motorcycle taxi, called a motoconcho. These trips are exciting and inexpensive. For one, two, or even three people the moto is 10 pesos in the day and 20 at night. Taxis are also readily available, around Cabarete they are 60 pesos. Walking is also a feasible option.

The North coast faces the warm Atlantic Ocean, and is in perfect position to catch the famous „trade winds“, the same winds that also blow in Hawaii. Wind is good year-round with potential rainy months in April and October. There is always plenty to do in Cabarete when the wind is not blowing!


The conditions in Cabarete’s Kite Bay are generally some of the best in the world for kiteboarding. In general the water inside the bay tends to be slightly choppier and gustier than the outside reef where the perfect waves line up and flat water in-between means un-crowded kiteboarding heaven for more experienced riders. Waves are usually bigger in the winter months. During summer the trades really kick in, 22 knots like clock-work, from 11 am to sunset!

Our front yard is the home to the biggest World Cup event on this planet, the Professional Kite Riders Association World Cup Tour. Each year in June, we happily host the world’s top kiteboarders in our kite paradise.

Andere Aktivitäten

Yes we know it sounds funny, but at times there is more to life than kiteboarding!!!


Encuentro Beach, 5 km downwind of Cabarete Bay, is one of the Dominican Republic’s premier surfing beaches. Home to the Master of the Ocean wave-sports triathlon, this beach is great for both beginners and expert surfers. Transportation, lessons and board rental are available from Del Mar. Our own instructor, Eric, many time Dominican Surfing Champion, can teach you!


This is the perfect cross-training for kiteboarding, and the Yasica River 10 km upwind of Cabarete Bay is one of the best places in the world for wakeboarding. Water like glass: for those wakeboarders out there it is a real treat! And if you are learning how to water-start with your kiteboard, training with wakeboarding is the ideal activity get you ready for this exciting moment in your kiteboarding career.


Cabarete is a town built for windsurfing, and no wonder why, the conditions are excellent! Advanced sailors will love playing on the waves in the reef and the calm waters in the heart of Cabarete are an excellent location to give this sport a try on a light wind morning. The Laurel Eastman Kite Center is partnered with the Carib Bic Center to offer a full line-up of lessons and windsurfing equipment rental.

Ocean Kayaking

Check out the reef on a calm morning or play in the waves. Kayaking is a great way to explore the coastline and hang out with the local sea turtles and birds.

Horseback Riding

On the beach or in the National Park, our neighbor Chavo and his gentle horses can offer you the riding experience you are looking for.


Excitement and adventure! Rappel down waterfalls, plunge into fresh water pools, whack through the bush, this is a perfect trip for the wild at heart.


For the serious athletes there is a full service gym located in the beginning of Sosua, just 10km down-wind of Cabarete. Cardio equipment including treadmills, step-machines, and stationary bikes. Aerobics and Spinning classes. State of the art weight machines and free weights upstairs.


Asthyana Power Yoga at the Caracol Kiteboarding Center. This is a great way to wake up and a fantastic work-out. De-tox from your big night out or get your muscles warmed up for a big day on the water. Power Yoga is fast and fun and you will love it!


That’s right, good old RELAXATION! Let your body and mind have a break, lay in the hammock, sleep in the sun in the garden, get a massage, read a magazine, BREATHE and enjoy paradise!

Wine & Dine

Food in the Dominican is inexpensive and delicious! Tropical fruits and juices galore! The options for dinner in Cabarete are really quite impressive. From the best chicken and yucca you will ever taste from a shack on the side of the road to gourmet European cuisine, there really is something for every palette.


For the true Caribbean nightlife experience, Cabarete is a must! This small village really kicks into action when the sun sets, the surfers get off the water and head into town. Along the beach in Cabarete are a dozen or more bars where you can meet with old friends and new friends to enjoy a fun evening together. Head to LAX first then for the party animals, up to Ono’s for some great dancing in the bar. No need to panic about staying out late, the wind doesn’t kick in till 10 or 11 usually so plenty of time to rest in the morning!


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