Taranaki (8 Spots)


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Oakura Directions Sailed: SW, W, NE, N

Oakura is an easy 10-15mins drive south of New Plymouth. Great for slalom and wavesailing, a beautiful black sand beach (as most are in this neck of the woods) with plenty of rigging area. The beach break can get heavy in larger swells.

Waitara Directions Sailed: SW, W

Just north of New Plymouth, Wiatara is best sailed at high tide. It has some good easy waves on the outside reefs, the inside is flat and easy to get out through. Gets good sea breazes and generally more wind than Weld Rd.

Weld Rd Directions Sailed: SW, W

Weld Rd is the most „fun“ sailing spot on the coast according to many of the locals. Smooth water on the inside for good speed and easy gybing with well defined reefs for both fun wave riding and jumping.

An easy launch (so long as you follow the channel) makes it suitable for all levels, but watch out for the boulders (some the size of cars) bursting through the waves. Mid to high tide makes access easier.

Weld Rd has plenty of rigging a space with camping and picnic facilities, a nice part of the coast. On its day it can have some of the best wavesailing anywhere on the planet.

Pungarehu Directions Sailed: SE

The spot is said to have the best windsurfing wave in the world. You can get long down-the-line rides on big smooth walls. This is one of the few hard core spots on the coast and is a great place to see the best at play.

At Pungarehu the down-the-line wave riding in cross offshore winds is fast and furious. The swell walls up regularly, often easily over mast high as this is the most western and exposed point. A good shoulder peels beautifully across a face with a peaky lip or two for aerials. Riding here is as good as it gets, but don’t expect much jumping.

The launch is over boulders, which quickly toughens your feet up at low tide. This tends to keep the crowds away and it’s rare for more than ten sailors to be out here. Once out there the waves, although monstrous, are clean and easy for anyone who’s got the nerve. At high tide it’s all somewhat easier, and certainly not beyond the average wave-sailor’s capability.

Kina Rd Directions Sailed: SE, N

Kina usually has very consistent winds which makes it an easy sail and good for jumping. The wave riding, although giant and peaky, doesn’t have the perfect shoulders of Pungarehu. Kina can get big and gnarly, so sometimes it might pay to leave it to settle down and try it the next day.

There is easy launching on sand and the waves break on two reefs on either side of the bay, with the best waves at mid to high tide.
It is an all round spot for jumping and riding if the wind is light or from the NW.

Bayley Rd (boat ramp) Directions Sailed: N, S

Mostly sailed in northerly winds with easy launching via a boat ramp, A large bay with heaps of room on the inside. Good for flat water and waves.

Stent Rd Directions Sailed: NE

Then there’s all the top surf spots like Stent Rd, which in a north easterly can be secretly going off.

Kumara Patch Directions Sailed: S, SE

Kumera Patch offers some good waves. The long lefthand walls of Kumera patch can be accesed via Komene beach which has hard breaking waves and a long sandy beach.


Chris Brown (www.taranakiwaveclassic.com)

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