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Location :
North Coast of Peru, in the city of La Libertad. By the Km 656 of the North Panamericana.

Access :
Ground way: In the Km 656 of the North Panamericana must take firm road for 45 minutes until you get to the beach. For all kind of vehicles. By bus can be reach through the city of Trujillo.
Air Way: Flights to the city of Trujillo.


Kind of wave :
It’s a long left and well formed, can reach 3 meters.

Sea performance :
Water regularly cold. Average temperature: 19°C. The current increases according to the strength of the swell. Breaks all the year.

Weather :
Average temperature between 28°C and 15°C. Heat season between November and March. Cold season between April and October.

Services :
None. All of them are located in Pacasmayo, 10 Km to the north.

Weitere Informationen

… bekommt ihr bei dem Autoren Bernardo Schlösser (chicama@gmx.de), der euch auch Surfcamps vermitteln kann.

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